Amanda DeFour, Grant Recipient

Financial issues are often among the concerns people face when your child is battling cancer. As a family our everyday hurdles were and are compounded with the pain of fighting a disease like cancer. It feels overwhelming. 
Through Miracles for Kids, the generous people with big hearts, we have seen that our blessings have often come in the form of strangers. Strangers waiting for a chance to help. You never think about what you're going to have
to go without or what you may possibly lose when your kid get sick. As a mother with two kids there are nights that I have cried and prayed, not knowing where or how help was coming from. Through the Grant Program, volunteers, 
donations and fundraising I have been able to do basic things, from assistance with rent, bills, food and much more, that I never knew I would need help with.

In the darkest parts of my life, at times when I've felt most alone there was an outpouring of love, support and kindness that I've never known. 
Most people think of volunteering as a community service. To all that read this thank you for making it a SERVICE. A service of love, hope and light. 
The words "thank you" can be said, but hopefully anyone reading this who have given of themselves, time, talent and love can feel the thanks. Hopefully, you all feel our gratitude. 
We call you all our Miracles, and hope you know that someone somewhere is humbled and has found strength in you kindness.