Max Palmer, Volunteer

The impact I have seen Miracles for Kids have on hundreds of families has had a profound effect on my life. When I think about what miracles for kids accomplishes I always think about a drop off for the annual Christmas gift drive I volunteered at a few years ago. 

I offered to take all the gift drop off homes that were farther out than normal and in no other volunteers route. After finishing a few drop-offs In the Santa Ana area I had one last home. The home that I was driving to was in an area with a higher crime rate than most of the city and was not in the nicest looking neighborhood (that of which is another reason why I love M4K, money does not constitute who they support, there is no child left behind). Further along, I ended up in a "project" like neighborhood and as I was driving through I was overwhelmed with the all neighbors eyes glued on me. There was a few slurs yelled at me but I kept on forward. I was not from the neighborhood, and they didn't want me in the neighborhood. I find the kids home and as I am park I'm preparing myself for a possible situation I need to diffuse with three strangers who were approaching my car from behind. So I get out of my car and quickly open the trunk where the bright blue bag filled with toys labeled "Miracles for Kids" was sitting. 

Within a mili-second of seeing this bag the three approaching strangers instantly lit up with joy. They rushed over and asked me if the bag was for a  specific young girl and when I said yes they went crazy in excitement and asked me my name and they even offered to help carry the bag up the steps to the home. The whole neighborhood saw what was happening and they all the sudden looked happier. They all knew of the child's situation and they were all estatic she was getting a huge bag of gifts. It was like the whole neighborhood knew about miracles for kids and was waiting for the day the child gets her gifts. That moment was one of the most human to human and eye opening experiences of my life. I first hand witnessed complete strangers become my friends in cooperation just to make a sick child's day better. I cried of joy after that delivery. Yeah I didn't get to drop off the gifts at some easy to reach spot and get save some gas, but I did experience something I will never get ever again, and that is why I absolutely love Miracles for Kids.