Miracles for Kids Cozies

Miracles for Kids Cozies

Warmth and Comfort Objects for Families in Need

Through the Miracles for Kids Cozies Program, Miracles for Kids will carry on the Joyful Foundation's mission of donating handmade blankets for hospital patients. The handmade Cozy Blankets will be produced at the old town Tustin, CA office, affectionately dubbed the Miracles for Kids Workshop - where miracles are sewn.

The fleece blankets, handmade each week by groups of dedicated volunteers, are packaged and delivered to patients at hospitals, care centers and private homes throughout Southern California and beyond. Since 2012, over 20,000 blankets have been made and delivered with love to those in need.

For more information on the Miracles for Kids Cozies Program, or to learn how you can become a Miracles for Kids Workshop volunteer and help sew miracles, please contact Tivoli Jensen at 714.730.3040 or email tjensen@miraclesforkids.org.