Our Board

Curtis E. Green - Co-Founder

Mr. Curtis E. Green  is Founder of Miracles for Kids, an Orange County, California, based non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children stricken with life-threatening illnesses.

In 1999, he and partner, Len Hamilton, implemented an internal fundraising arm of Sea Breeze Financial called The Breeze Fund, with the goal of raising funds to support The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. In 2001, they expanded on that effort by turning The Breeze Fund into a 501(c)(3) organization called, Mortgage Miracles for Kids, later renamed Miracles for Kids, where he now serves as Chairman of the Board. In the last year alone, he and his board have raised over one million dollars. Curtis has made a tremendous difference for terminally ill children and their families that otherwise would have little hope.

As a San Diego native, Curtis attended San Diego State University. Curtis has been working in real estate and mortgage banking industries for over twenty five years. Currently, Curtis is a partner in two companies, Cavalcade Escrow Corporation and Organic Marketing Group LLC, both based in Orange County, CA.

In the mid 1990's, he and partner, Len Hamilton, launched Sea Breeze Financial Services, Inc., a full service Mortgage Bank, Escrow, and Real Estate Company based in Southern California with over 250 employees. As Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, he was instrumental in orchestrating partnerships with key real estate, REO and builder communities throughout Southern California.

Curtis previously served as Senior Vice President of Northeast Federal Savings, where he was responsible for annual production in excess of six hundred million dollars. He also held positions as Senior Vice President of Countrywide Funding and was responsible for the launch of the wholesale lending division at Cal Fed Savings and Loan.

In addition to his work at Miracles for Kids, Curtis has dedicated his time to other nonprofits with their fundraising efforts.

Curtis’ unwavering focus on his professional and philanthropic lives has earned him a reputation in the community as both a consummate professional and giving individual.