Our Board

Dan Charlier - Chair

A native of Haiti, Mr. Dan Charlier came to the United States when he was nine years old. While in Haiti, Mr. Charlier was raised by his grandmother as his mother worked tirelessly in Brooklyn, New York to earn enough to bring him to America and provide a better life through education and opportunity.

Once in America, Mr. Charlier graduated from high school and went on to study architecture at Farmingdale State College. After two semesters – he left school and got a job as an exterminator in order to help with his family’s income. However, his mother wanted more for her son and soon after Mr. Charlier embarked on what would be the beginning of his illustrious career in the Marine Corps. Mr. Charlier, motivated in large part by the unwavering determination of his mother, went on to become Meritorious Sergeant, Marine Corps Drill Instructor, the 23rd Color Sergeant of the Marine Corps (which carries the colors at the White House and at all ceremonies for the military and the President of the United States; and is the most esteemed position a Marine can hold as a Sergeant), and was in charge of the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team (the most prestigious Drill Team in the world).

Later, he was later stationed in California, where he met Mr. Ed Mylett who became Mr. Charlier’s mentor. For the next nine months, he continued to work in the Marine Corps while he trained with Mr. Mylett part time as an entrepreneur in the financial services industry. Mr. Charlier applied the same level of dedication and determination toward building his business through the crusade of helping average families by giving them a financial education and an opportunity to transition from their J.O.B. (just over broke) into an entrepreneurial enterprise where they could be in command of their financial future.

Soon after, Mr. Charlier left the Marine Corps and applied his exceptional leadership skills to his entrepreneurial business on a fulltime basis. This was forged into an unprecedented success story for Mr. Charlier. Today, he leads hundreds of thousands of people - including more than 50 independent brokers, CEO’s, and multiple six figure earners that run their own financial services organizations. He has offices in 15 states, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico, with a goal to expand offices into all 50 states and to ultimately take his vision globally. His newest office is located on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, California.

Since the beginning of his career in the financial services industry, Mr. Charlier’s company has given the opportunity to thousands of people. His average client now saves an average of $250 a month. His business has helped more than 17,000 families over the last 13 years through financial education grossing well over $65 million in premium.

Mr. Charlier met his wife, Mrs. Christine Charlier, while building his business. She became a leader in her own right rising to the position of Senior Broker very quickly. He married his dream girl in 2005, and have since worked together tirelessly, utilizing each of their individual strengths to make their personal and business relationship even stronger.

Their highly successful entrepreneurial financial services business also allows them to help numerous non-profit community organizations. Mr. and Mrs. Charlier hosted the "California for Haiti” charitable event to benefit the families of Haiti that were affected by the earthquakes of 2010. A native of Haiti, this was a venture very close to Mr. Charlier’s heart.

Together, Mr. and Mrs. Charlier serve as Chairs for the Los Angeles Board of Directors of Miracles for Kids and have personally assisted three families in need through the Miracles for Kids Fund-a-Family program. They also serve on the Board of Directors of the California Philharmonic Society whose quest is to expand awareness of classical music and to increase the interest and support for great music in a fashion that develops wide audience appeal. On a weekly basis, Mr. and Mrs. Charlier train, teach and educate middle to upper class families about how money works.

Mr. Charlier used his opportunity to achieve one of his personal dreams – to take any and all financial pressure away from his hardworking, and dedicated mother. Of all the wonderful accomplishments in his life, to him, this was the greatest one. He not only realized that goal during the first year in his business, but he also takes pride in the fact that from that day forward, his mother would never have to work another day in her life.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlier currently reside in Bel Air, California with their youngest three children. He remains focused, dedicated and fit. He loves his family, is a connoisseur of exceptional cigars, likes to laugh, works hard and plays hard. He prides himself on his ability to help clients, family members, and team members achieve their dreams through his crusade to give the middle class family the opportunity to transition into a business for themselves not by themselves, with a solid financial education. 

"I love being able to look someone in the eye and give them an opportunity to change their lives like someone gave me in 1998. Every day I get up in the morning, I come from a place of gratitude and gratefulness.”